Advanced Healing and Pain Relief with Apollo Lasers

When you improve the care and results for your patients,
You improve your practice

Our Healing Lasers are in the offices of Veterinarians, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, and other expert doctors and therapists.  When will your practice have one too?

Apollo Healing Laser

  • Advanced Healing and Pain Relief
  • Best Value for Class IV Laser
  • Treat 2 Patients at once with our Versatile 2-Channel Desktop Unit (Desktop Unit)
    ...or try the
  • Fully Portable, self-powered, lightweight and versatile Portable Unit
  • Durable: State-of-the–art design; ISO13485 manufacturing
  • Non-invasive, drug-free pain relief
  • FDA Cleared for Human Use

Blown Away!

"I have been blown away with the success of the Apollo Laser with my patients.  It's everything I expected and more.  Most of my patients show dramatic improvements in just a few visits. 

I also purchased Apollo's Acupuncture Probe along with my system.  This laser probe has been nothing short of amazing with results often time equal to or more effective than the traditional sources of treatment."

Apollo Healing Laser - Dr. Davis Testimonial~ William C. Davis, DC, CCAc, FAACA, DAACA
Ennis Chiropractic, TX

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After just four laser treatments I was 100% pain free with full range of motion...



Class 4 power at a Class 3 price!  Build a more profitable business...



Aerospace aluminum parts, U.S.A. 3sigma Quality ISO13485 manufacturing quality...

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